Thoughts for Nov, 2004
Last Updated: Jan 6th, 2011
Couldn't be happier (Nov 26th, 2004)
Today was a good fucking day.

After the overnight system testing I concluded that my Tomato Tower prototype was fit for life. So I added life. The seedlings were ready, they were sprouted for this purpose, it is their destiny.

On another totally different tangent : I was told today that Webacom (the company I work with) is moving into a new office on Dec. 17th .. which is awesome because it's definitely a symbol of progress. Maybe raises will be after that. ; )

Couldn't be happier
Trichomes, trichomes everywhere! (Nov 23rd, 2004)
Who would have thought there were little bulbous sacs of oil on the seed leaves of tomato plant seedlings?

I've been experimenting with the extreme macro my camera can do. This is a photo of where the stem meets the leaf of a seed leave on a very young tomato plant. The stem measures less than one millimeter in diameter.
Trichomes, trichomes everywhere!
Patient Raya (Nov 19th, 2004)
I've been really excited about photography lately and tonight Raya helped me experiment. Thanks buddy!

; )
Patient Raya
Anticipating gear (Nov 15th, 2004)
Last week I decided that I really needed to spend some cash on my photographic endeavours if I was to keep pushing myself to expand my image capturing abilities. So I ordered an underwater housing, a umbrella/flash bracket, a reflective umbrella and a hotshoe adapter. Now I'll be able to have my flash on a tripod up to 24" from the camera (more when I get a longer PC cord) which will result in some interesting looking photos for sure. The gear should be getting here soon.

I've been studying light lately. Reading a book called "Light - Science & Magic" and examining reflection, diffusing, refraction, etc. in the natural world as much as possible.

Today's photo is of my aspiring tomato quartet. These four organisms will be greater than 100 times their current mass in a month or so.
Anticipating gear
A wet & wonderful adventure (Nov 8th, 2004)
This weekend I went on a trip to the south west coast of Vancouver Island - along the Juan de Fuca Trail. We camped on the beach and hiked down the beach one day and up the beach the next. Saw tons of waterfalls, streams, mud, mushrooms, anenomes, cool rock formations, etc. - It was the west coast!

The rain actually let up for an hour and a bit when we were taking down our camp Sunday morning which was cool. I actually got to take a couple photos (Do I ever need a housing).

The cat is Panther, who's owner got jealous when I took pictures of Alien, the cat from the previous post.
A wet & wonderful adventure
A wet & wonderful adventure
Dreaming .. again (Nov 4th, 2004)
I've been thinking more and more of the future these days. Helps to keep me motivated and striving in the present. Today I thought I'd spend some time perusing the MLS listings for the sort of thing I'm thinking about. My plan is metamorphosing all the time and the latest version is to purchase a house on an acre or more in the Nanaimo area in the next year.

Nanaimo is the gateway to Vancouver Island for all of the traffic coming from Vancouver. The ferry is easy enough to hop on for anyone on the other side and I think some big things are going to be happening here. It's growing very rapidly.

If I acquired a piece of property with a house on it I would outfit the house to have a couple suites and rent it out to try to cover the mortgage. In the meantime, given the correct permits, I foresee that I could begin construction on the greenhouse and attached facility. I think I'm going to make it all one mega structure, it would safe costs in the long run.

Here's a photo of Alien I took last night. Off topics, but it's a cool photo and I just can't make a posting without a photo now can I? ; )
Dreaming .. again
Wind, Water & Fire (Nov 1st, 2004)
This weekend I had a really good blend of serenity, adrenaline, one-on-one time with friends and social immersion.

Saturday was filled with hiking the 'Wild Pacific Trail' in Ucluelet and kayaking in some large waves off the coast and Sunday I spent some time at a party with my friends who like to play with fire.

It was Halloween yesterday too and that was really the occasion of the party. I got some sweet shots (look in my gallery) and some nice feedback about my costume. I dressed up as the ghost of Nikola Tesla. Don't know who that is? You should - click here. He is the inventor of many things, among which fluorescent lighting, AC power systems, electric motors and transformers are the most popular.
Wind, Water & Fire
Wind, Water & Fire

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