Thoughts for Jul, 2007
Last Updated: Jan 6th, 2011
Braving the Blustery Seas (Jul 16th, 2007)
The weather held up and the competition was fierce, this year's Silly Boat race was the biggest ever. In total, over 50 teams raced the few paces out around the buoy in eight different heats. Our boat this year was powered by pure human muscle instead of bike power but alas, a hold-up at the buoy made for time that far less than impressive and our sillyness was triumphed as well. Damn fun though!
silly boat nanaimo marine festival swy-a-lana maffeo sutton
Ocean Currents, Setting Sun (Jul 16th, 2007)
Made a trip to Gabriola last week to celebrate the art of opening of a friend of mine at the Gabriola Art Works gallery. Was a bit too hot in the gallery itself and didn't get any really good shots of his art on the wall but did get this cool sunset shot on the ferry on the way back.
ocean sunset gabriola ferry departure bay nanaimo
Physio Sleeper Hold (Jul 8th, 2007)
Dag from Bayview Physiotherapy demonstrated his own style of back adjustment techniques on Willow this week. I'm developing Bayview Physio's new website presence.
dag ronhovde bayview physiotherapy physiotherapist willow chandler
Let the Show Begin (Jul 8th, 2007)
Put up ten fine art photos in Willow's House of Indigo Boutique last weekend. Instant success. The opening day of the show someone bought three different prints. Here's a shot of the exhibit how it'll be setup all summer.

ben friday photographer fine art show exhibit canvas giclee

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