Thoughts for Feb, 2007
Last Updated: Jan 6th, 2011
Back to the Future (Feb 27th, 2007)
What has full exposure control, 120 film, Zeiss glass and is stylishly designed by Germans? It's a Rolleiflex! (and it's the newest addition to my gear closet)

That's right, I'm entering into a whole new world of photography. Inspired by a large-format shooting client, my new medium format system will enable me to capture massive amounts of detail with my shots.

The camera pictured on the right is a 35mm Minolta I used years ago for a bit. Quite a significant different when they're beside each other.
rollei 6003 medium format camera zeiss lens
No Travel No Cry (Feb 12th, 2007)
Today I had a meeting in Victoria and intended to apply for my passport as well. I knew the passport thing was not going to be as easy as pie as I'd heard the horror stories about the lineups at 5am. So I asked the guy at the front of the line of 100+ people how long he'd been waiting in line and he told me "yesterday afternoon". So ... uh .. needless to say, I didn't get my passport applied for.

The day turned out really well though. Beautiful outside, my shoot with Neil Russel of Celtic Cross Instruments went really well. He's crafted 300+ guitars, and counting.
neil russel celtic cross guitar maker luthier mandolin

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