Thoughts for Dec, 2007
Last Updated: Jan 6th, 2011
Big Brother (Dec 28th, 2007)
For my little baby Chimera that is. At 36"x48", it's very much the biggest of the big brothers a little 16"x24" softbox can expect. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Here's some shots I took yesterday of my always helpful model (and hairdresser), Amelia.
amelia smart model sexy lingerie red light softbox
amelia smart model sexy lingerie softbox grey background
A very merry Xmas (Dec 28th, 2007)
All who were part of my family Christmas this year were sufficiently spoiled, and that's pretty much how it goes most years. Willow and Ocean were no exception. Here's a couple shots of them with their loot. That big abyss of a suitcase is Willow's new semi-portable jewelry display case.
willow ocean christmas morning jewelry display case
ocean chandler christmas morning prints toques
The camera must go! (Dec 8th, 2007)
After several failed attempts at utilizing the beauty that is the XL1, I'm putting it up for auction. Canon tells me it'll be $900 to get it working properly, I have my doubts even then. I think some jostling on it way from Spain may be to blame. Oh well, esta es mi vida.
canon xl1 digital video camcorder camera
Winter Wonderland (Dec 2nd, 2007)
This morning our yard was the picture of a winter wonderland. Complete with icicles, six inches of snow, and a frigid creek, it's quite the sight from my office windows.
winter wonderland snow trampoline chase river creek cedar tree
Wintertime Fun (Dec 2nd, 2007)
This afternoon I surprised my lady with a collection of her friends and a live musical performance by a local musician, a.k.a. 'Surprise Birthday Party'. During the evening somehow I got a few snowballs in the face, good thing there was a camera there. Both of these photos were masterfully captured by my friend Leif. Snowball fight and Shane Philip, master of of the multi-instrumental arts.
snow ball fight winter snowball snow christmas
shane philip didgeridoo drums music
Vancouver Models (Dec 2nd, 2007)
My sites' been doing so well in the search engines lately. I thought I'd give it a bit of a keyword boost with the title. Besides, what a great shot!
vancouver model amelia smart effect makeup technician

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