Below is a listing of my current/past projects. Projects with recent updates are nearest to the top.

LED Projects Last Updated : Oct 8th, 2010
Explorations into the new world of high power LEDs.
  26W BridgeLux LED (1 photos) Oct 8th, 2010
  High Power LEDs (1 photos) Aug 3rd, 2010
  Meet Arduino (1 photos) Feb 1st, 2010
Sweet Peppers - Summer 2010 Last Updated : Oct 8th, 2010
Grabbed a duo sweet peppers for installation in the huge container gardens on my patio.
  First Fruit (3 photos) Oct 8th, 2010
  Junior Peppers (1 photos) Apr 24th, 2010
Living Lamp Last Updated : Oct 8th, 2010
A kinetic sculpture that is also a beautifully functional lamp
  26W BridgeLux LED (1 photos) Oct 8th, 2010
  High Power LEDs (1 photos) Aug 3rd, 2010
  Meet Arduino (1 photos) Feb 1st, 2010
Portable Patio Gardens Last Updated : Aug 7th, 2009
I thought the 17" depth and 23" diameter of these half-barrels would be ideal for container gardens.
  Tower of Tomato (3 photos) Aug 7th, 2009
  Mega-Tomato (1 photos) Jul 24th, 2009
  First Ripenings (2 photos) Jun 16th, 2009
  Adding Media (4 photos) May 14th, 2009
  Halfed Rain Barrels (2 photos) Apr 3rd, 2009
Screenprinting Method Last Updated : Jul 4th, 2009
Our journey towards screenprinting onto Tshirts and other materials.
  Press Sketch (1 photos) Jul 4th, 2009
Metalshop Rising Last Updated : May 12th, 2009
My quest to have a functional metalworking shop in my small home-based workspace.
  Full-Extension Steel Drawers (2 photos) May 12th, 2009
  Full Workshop (1 photos) Aug 22nd, 2008
  Revised Designs (2 photos) Sep 29th, 2007
  Behold, the Multi Press (2 photos) Jan 3rd, 2007
  Sheet Metal Bending Brake (1 photos) Nov 29th, 2006
  Storage Racking Installed (1 photos) Nov 27th, 2006
  I am bender, insert girder (2 photos) Nov 1st, 2006
CNC Machine Last Updated : Jan 9th, 2009
I'm building a robotic cutting/engraving/machining device that will have a 30"x50" cutting area (approximate).
  X2 CNC Conversion (1 photos) Jan 9th, 2009
  Electronics Mayhem (1 photos) Jul 16th, 2007
  Next Gen CNC Plan (1 photos) May 29th, 2007
  Mask-o-matic (1 photos) Nov 5th, 2006
  The Plans have Arrived (1 photos) Mar 27th, 2005
  Introduction (1 photos) Sep 11th, 2004
Rotating Drum Composter Last Updated : Jun 22nd, 2008
I've been meaning to build this device for a few years. I don't know that it will be as useful as it could be with just one drum, it'll be an experiment.
  Composter v1 gets built (4 photos) Jun 22nd, 2008
Fiberglass Bathtub Boat Last Updated : Feb 21st, 2008
My friend and I are building a boat for the annnual Bathtub Race in Nanaimo
  First Layer on the Hull (3 photos) Feb 21st, 2008
  Releasing the Tub (3 photos) Feb 4th, 2008
  Prepping the Mold (3 photos) Feb 4th, 2008
Track & Dolly for Video Last Updated : Jul 19th, 2006
I'm putting my ingenuity to the test this winter by devising a working track and dolly system for capturing smooth segments of video.
  FridayTrak Unleashed (1 photos) Jul 19th, 2006
  The finished product (2 photos) Jun 11th, 2006
  The steel has arrived (1 photos) Apr 23rd, 2006
  Wheel Prototype (1 photos) Jan 28th, 2006
  Refined, but still just concept (2 photos) Jan 13th, 2006
  First 3D sketches (1 photos) Dec 4th, 2005
Studio Suitcase Last Updated : Apr 27th, 2006
Conversion of an old Samsonite 18"x24" suitcase into a product, macro and headshot studio.
  A suitcase by any other name (1 photos) Apr 27th, 2006
Aeroponic Greenhouse 2005 Last Updated : Oct 30th, 2005
The continuation of my outdoor experiments with aeroponics in the summer of 2005.
  Better finish this one off! (0 photos) Oct 30th, 2005
  Taking root (1 photos) Jul 10th, 2005
  Aeroponic Greenhouse is Online! (1 photos) Jun 26th, 2005
Tomato Tower 2.0 Last Updated : Jun 26th, 2005
My second try growing tomatoes indoors. The first was a success but this will be even better.
  Rodent Issues (0 photos) Jun 26th, 2005
  They're touching the ceiling again (1 photos) May 19th, 2005
  Towering Plants (1 photos) May 7th, 2005
  Revealing Fruit (1 photos) Apr 23rd, 2005
  Humming Along (2 photos) Apr 9th, 2005
  Training Day (1 photos) Apr 3rd, 2005
  New Beginnings (1 photos) Mar 23rd, 2005
Hydroponics eBook Last Updated : Mar 13th, 2005
I'm writing, modelling and illustrating a hydroponics ebook. It will include basic info on hydroponics as well as step-by-step instructions on how to build a fully automated system for growing tomatoes.
  Cropping out (1 photos) Mar 13th, 2005
  Bundle of Goodness (1 photos) Mar 3rd, 2005
  Red Maturity (1 photos) Feb 26th, 2005
  Cloning Matters (1 photos) Feb 21st, 2005
  The Ripening (1 photos) Feb 13th, 2005
  Handful o' Tomato (2 photos) Feb 3rd, 2005
  50" Tall Plants (2 photos) Jan 23rd, 2005
  When plants become trees (2 photos) Jan 13th, 2005
  Rethinking light (1 photos) Jan 5th, 2005
  Flower Parts (1 photos) Jan 3rd, 2005
  First Fruit (2 photos) Dec 28th, 2004
  Flowerin' (2 photos) Dec 17th, 2004
  Now that's growth! (3 photos) Dec 5th, 2004
  They're in!! (2 photos) Nov 26th, 2004
  Finally a manifold I trust (3 photos) Nov 26th, 2004
  Grow my pretties, grow! (1 photos) Nov 15th, 2004
  Plumbing Mods and an Enclosure on the horizon (2 photos) Oct 25th, 2004
  ... and there was light (2 photos) Oct 13th, 2004
  It's coming together (3 photos) Oct 6th, 2004
  We (almost) have liftoff (1 photos) Oct 4th, 2004
  So far, so good (2 photos) Sep 25th, 2004
  Introducing the Tomato Tower (1 photos) Sep 21st, 2004
Aeroponic Greenhouse Last Updated : Oct 25th, 2004
A journey into the mystical world of high-tech gardening with my greenhouse in the summer of 2004.
  The product (1 photos) Oct 14th, 2004
  Good looking plants! (5 photos) Oct 14th, 2004
  Summer Progresses (4 photos) Sep 12th, 2004
  This year's system (3 photos) Sep 12th, 2004
  Introduction (4 photos) Sep 8th, 2004
Electric Melting Furnace Last Updated : Oct 4th, 2004
I'm building a 3kW electric melting furnace for turning brass, bronze and aluminum (and maybe glass) chunks into molten states.
  Refractory this, refractory that (1 photos) Oct 4th, 2004
  First shipment of gear (1 photos) Sep 16th, 2004
  Got the Plans! (0 photos) Sep 11th, 2004
  Introduction (0 photos) Sep 8th, 2004