Aeroponic Greenhouse 2005
Last Updated: 2005-10-30
Better finish this one off! (Oct 30th, 2005)
Well, the hydro system in my greenhouse this year had some problems. Mainly, I was too frickin' busy. With projects galore, a new woman and full-time work I wasn't able to monitor or build upon my ideas for this contraption.

The good news : I got a couple dozen great tasting tomatoes from it at summer's end.

The bad news : Because the pump came unplugged a few times (I blame morning glory vines) the tomato plants in the system suffered some serious stress and didn't manage to produce all of the fruit their could have potentially produced.

Next year I might do tomatoes again but really need to build some kind of fool-proof training system for the plants. Hopefully the summer of 2006 will find me with more time for my hobbies.
Taking root (Jul 10th, 2005)
Not into soil though, into the air. My second summer of aeroponics is proving yet again to be a very simple, elegant way of growing food crops. The plants are very small still but they've only been in there for a couple weeks and the sun has been anything but cooperative since then.

The sunlight should pick up soon, then they'll get what they've been missing.
Taking root
Aeroponic Greenhouse is Online! (Jun 26th, 2005)
Some might say it's much too late to plant vegetables at the end of June. I, on the other hand, argue that you can plant vegetables anytime of the summer.... if you don't mind being a little disappointed at the end of the season .

I'm a little behind, it's true. I had planned to get plants in there much sooner but well .. it's didn't happen. I now have 4 of the same kind of tomatoes in there because that's all I could find on a Sunday in Nanaimo. They'll do.

Aeroponic Greenhouse is Online!