Thoughts for Sep, 2007
Last Updated: Jan 6th, 2011
Music to the Maxx (Sep 24th, 2007)
Took on Music Maxx as a client recently. I'm redesigning their website as it's more or less inadequate for the sheer size of a retail outfit that they are. Last Friday I was in there taking photos of everything I could to give myself lots of imagery for the forthcoming website.
audio mixer sound music concert
Whizbang! (Sep 24th, 2007)
My girls and other friends produced a tribute to Nanaimo's fallen (miners) recently. The production entailed 20ft. high scaffolding, fire dancing, stilt walkers and of course, miners.
whizbang nanaimo mining history willow chandler
Ej Designed (Sep 14th, 2007)
This week I've been doing a few shoots in the homes of clients of EJ Interior Design, they're one of my web clients. I must say, it's been a treat. These homes are nice indeed.
wood beams rafters house living room departure bay
Didge Standing (Sep 14th, 2007)
Sturdy on it's well-spaced tripod legs, this new product of Friday Photo & Design studios is even more well-made than it's predecessor and much more so than the original prototype. Shane's a happy boy.
didgeridoo stand shane philip music guitar drums
Wedding Flora (Sep 1st, 2007)
I shot a wedding last weekend. My first in years. My first since knowing what I'm doing with light. During a break between the ceremony and the formal portraits, I took an opportunity to grab a bunch of macro shots of the flowers that were arranged around the church.
flower dahlia orchid pink purple wedding bouquet
flower dahlia pansy pink purple wedding bouquet
flower dahlia pink purple wedding bouquet
Ocean's Big Day (Sep 1st, 2007)
At the end of summer, it's Ocean's favorite time of the year. No, not going back to school, although that's a close second. It's her Birthday! ... or more precisely : her Birthday Party ... or more precisely : PRESENTS!

I remember those days, back before I could afford to buy myself all my own toys. Back before my toys cost three or more digits.
ocean chandler birthday party westwood lake presents

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