Thoughts for Sep, 2006
Last Updated: Jan 6th, 2011
Shop Elephant (Sep 30th, 2006)
I've always wanted one. Who hasn't though really?

Ok, it's not a shop elephant, it's the fume extractor for my welding setup. Pretty fancy eh? It's real shiny.

I've been learning about welding every night since I got the device all setup a week and a bit ago. I've turned nocturnal. Every night I stay up til the wee hours melding metal in my shop. Woohoo!
welding fume extractor ducting squirrel cage fan
Of Arcs & Flame (Sep 20th, 2006)
To say the least, there was a good amount of flame to go along with the small amount of rain on that fateful evening, only days ago. They called it 'Whizbang' and it was a show of sorts. People dressed as miners, miners with very long legs, some of them with fire. It was great and the drenched blankets kept me and my friend warm until it was done.

Now tonight's a different story. That bright hot light is caused by the passage of a shitload of electrons - the arc. And that's me, witnessing the arc (although from a darkened perspective). I've been steel's adversary for so long, it's payback time.
whizbang fire spinning poi flame stilk
welding man welder helmet lincoln electric gas tank
Back in the ring (Sep 13th, 2006)
On Monday a friend of ours performed his second fire show in the last couple years. He thought he had retired from it ... but the fans thought otherwise. It was great to see him spin.

I have some big news to unveil in the next week about my workshop's capabilities but until that time I'll only give one hint : it's hot!
benoit marien fire spinning poi fire dance
Isle's End (Sep 4th, 2006)
Last week I undertook a backpacking trip through Vancouver Island's northern wilderness to the wicked beaches in a place furthest from civilization on the entire island, Cape Scott.

Five of us missioned through the rainforest laden with heavy packs for five days during some fantastic weather, something foreign in those parts. Besides a great wilderness escape, Cape Scott is well-known for the muddy disposition of it's trails. We, fortunately, adventured during a dry spell and encountered no gumboot worthy mudpits.

It's a trek worthy of exploring if you're of the fit variety. We racked up over 50km on our boots during the week, most of it with our heavy bags upon our backs. Don't worry though, if you decide to make the trip, you'll be rewarded for your efforts.
fire spinning willow chandler poi cape scott trail
experiment bight hikers backpacking exploring cape scott

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