Thoughts for Sep, 2004
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Have you ever seen a red jalapeno? (Sep 30th, 2004)
Yes, a red one, that's right. I've never seen one before. It brings to light an interesting idea : That there is so much more to plant genetics than is harnessed by traditional growing methods. I wonder what creates the red pigment.

Tomorrow I'll be acquiring some more gear for my hydroponic experiment in my bedroom. I should have all I need by the end of tomorrow. I'm going away this weekend but next week I'll set it all up and get some babies in there. Although I might try cloning some heritage varieties from next door. Hmmmm .....
Have you ever seen a red jalapeno?
Diving & Scope (Sep 29th, 2004)
Today I finished off my Advanced Open Water diving certification. The final dive was at night ... it was dark. Thankfully we had lights. I fed a prawn, watched an anenome eat, shook tentacles with a giant starfish and shined some light into the eyes of many cod fish.

At one point we turned off all our lights and Trudy demonstrated a fantastic phenomena by just waving her hand. It looked like sparks but I knew well that it was phosphorescent algae. Just amazing.

Tonight I started thinking about hooking my camera up to an old telescope I had seen lying around. When I got it out someone else in the house told me that there was an even older one sitting in a crate upstairs somewhere. Sure enough I dug it out and assembled it and tried to get some things in focus with it. No luck but it's a sweet rig and I hope to be able to figure it all out and mount my camera to it. Lots of knobs and gears and such.
Diving & Scope
Progress on the hydro front (Sep 25th, 2004)
Today I made the time to go for a mushroom nature walk with a friend, cut and assemble the prototype for my Tomato Tower hydro system and spend a fantastic evening at the river for a picnic with a special someone.

The first photo on the right is a that of a coral fungi. Yeah, I hadn't heard of them before either. Cool eh?

The second one is me standing gleefully inside the frame for the Tomato Tower. By next week I hope to have a few plants in there for it's maiden crop.

I also built a sweet shade for my skylight yesterday but no photo could do it's innovative design justice so I won't even bother trying.
Progress on the hydro front
Progress on the hydro front
The Return to Pierre's (Sep 21st, 2004)
This weekend was just another one of those mundane cruising-around-broughton-archipelago kind of weekends. ; )

The trip was just awesome. To see a full pictorial summary check out my gallery section for Pierre's ->

We spent over 20 hours aboard the Lasqueti Star ( relaxing in style while we explored several hundred kilometres of sea among dozens of different small islands. Truly an amazing experience. Many orcas, dolphins, sea lions and humpback whales were to be seen.
The Return to Pierre's
The Return to Pierre's
A visiting spirit (Sep 16th, 2004)
This afternoon I was working in my office and heard a faint cat's meow from outside. The meow got louder until I could tell that the animal was just below my balcony. It seemed to be calling up to me ... very strange. I stepped out onto the balcony and found a very small white and gray kitten, meowing at me.

So what do I do ... grab my camera of course. Liz (sister) and I went down to greet it. She (the kitten) was very friendly and played with us for quite a while before she found someone else to follow around and I assume, found her way home. It was a nice visit.

Yesterday I acquired some of the materials for my electric furnace project. Construction should start next week sometime as I'm headed back to Pierre's Bay with the Webacom boys this weekend. I should come back with many fantastic photos once again ... unless of course it rains all weekend.
A visiting spirit
Pepper Bounty (Sep 14th, 2004)
I've had to up my consumption of peppers recently to keep up with the supply as well as giving away lots. Almost all the fruitbodies from the plants are perfectly formed. The colours in the greenhouse are quite eye-catching now. The jalapeno is an exception to it's colourful entourage having well camouflaged fruit.

I think the jalapeno and the banana pepper deserve to have their own custom system built for them. A small cabinet in my room to sustain them over the winter. I'll have to work on a design for that soon. It's getting chilly outside.

I've been thinking recently about publishing an ebook on hydroponic gardening. I'll have to develop a small modular system and test it out but I've been reading about people publishing their own ebooks and selling them on ebay recently and I think it could be a profitable idea.

Featured in todays photos are the chili plant, with much fruit ripe and ready for the picking and the roots of the gigantic jalapeno plant. (There's a blurry 7/8" dia pipe in the background for scale)
Pepper Bounty
Pepper Bounty
Phew ... pretty much done. (Sep 11th, 2004)
This website has been an enormous amount of brain work in the last week but, as I guess exactly one week after starting it is totally functional ... except for the gallery. Most of the cool stuff is working though.

My pepper plants are rocking right now. It's been over a month since I started feeding them straight water and they're still healthy as can be. The temperature is going to start geting to them though.

I purchased a couple eBooks from Dan Hartman ( a few days ago. I read the first one : "An Improved Electric Radiant Shop Furnace" and I'm reading the other : "Design & Build your own Arc Welder from salvaged microwave oven parts". Both books are awesome, full of great technical info and images. I plan to start work on my version of the furnace next week.

Phew ... pretty much done.
Link to Old LiveJournal System (Sep 11th, 2004)
Please see my LiveJournal for all postings prior to the implementation of this system.

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