Thoughts for Nov, 2006
Last Updated: Jan 6th, 2011
The Big Dump (Nov 30th, 2006)
In Nanaimo, it's rare indeed that we land in a foot of snow when venturing out our front doors. Not unheard of though and today was one of those exceptions. Some places on the island got more though. In Shawnigan Lake, for example, they got 22" yesterday and I don't even want to know how much later today after we fled the scene.

Upon this rarest of occasions I took it upon myself to devise a sort of poor man's GT Snow Racer. Not really wanting to buy a toy that I'd only use a few times a decade, building one from scraps in my shop was much more practical. So there you have it, the BF Snow Racer. The funny thing : it actually worked (until we lost a ski).
snow sled gt snow racer ben friday sledding winter
Da Crew (Nov 24th, 2006)
Ok, so it looks like it was a nice fall day in Victoria in the shot but it was seriously windy and cold. My hands we're freezin! So that's me with the huge furry appendage protruding from my mid-section. For almost an entire day I had a six foot pole.

Photo courtesy of Eric, last name unknown. Cheers bud!

video crew production victoria homeless camera equipment
Photography at it's finest (Nov 8th, 2006)
Ron makes huge prints. They're so big that when they're framed they outweigh a small person. I've been working for the past months on developing a new website for Mr. Smid to share his gigantic prints with the world and just yesterday unveiled the new beast.

Check out Ron Smid's new website :
ron smid photographer website large format
All my brackets in a row (Nov 7th, 2006)
Finished my first paying metalwork gig yesterday. The deed was to fabricate 8 specialty brackets for a client's tradeshow booth, to support track lighting. Seeing as how the lights are to illuminate large format photographic prints, I'm kind of honored to have the task. Can't wait to see the whole booth when it's setup at the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Center this week for the Massive Christmas Market.

metal bracket workshop metalwork welding

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