Thoughts for Mar, 2009
Last Updated: Jan 6th, 2011
Mo' Stock (Mar 21st, 2009)
Did another shoot with my good friend Rhy Mac today. We're working together to develop a portfolio for him as a model and for myself as a stock photographer. Stock's a tricky business but I don't have any huge investment in it that I need to be accountable for.

On other fronts, I've been working on marketing stuff for my new Friday Photo site. Planning to market my 'Digital Download for Musicians' and 'Online Catalogs for Manufacturers' services heavily.
rhy mac mcmillan writer student nerd
rhy mac mcmillan writer student author
Rhy Mac (Mar 6th, 2009)
Here's a shot from a session with a good buddy and burgeoning musician who goes by the alias Rhy Mac. He's a young dude but already he's written a handful of songs and performed them in front of large audiences. Next step : website and recordings. For now you can find his stuff on Rhy Mac's MySpace
rhy mac mcmillan nanaimo musician guitar didgeridoo

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