Thoughts for Jun, 2006
Last Updated: Jan 6th, 2011
Michael knows (Jun 16th, 2006)
Life's been shining on me lately. Was in Vancouver shooting footage for rock documentaries on Wednesday and have been enjoying the good weather wherever I go.

Had a shoot with Michael Bortolotto today. He teaches people about exceeding expectations and reminds you how good it feels to laugh ... among other things. Here's his site :
michael bortolotto lecturer sunglasses man dress shirt
To LA and back (Jun 11th, 2006)
Almost a month since my last post! Must have been busy.

Went to Los Angeles with a friend to work on video projects for the first week of June. Got back some time last week and have been recollecting my thoughts since.

It's summer here now. The grass has grown long and green and the evenings aren't nearly as chilly as they were in May. Yesterday was wickedly warm but today is a bit rainy. C'est la vie.
los angeles downtown westin hotel banks buildings sunset

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