Thoughts for Jan, 2008
Last Updated: Jan 6th, 2011
Recent Stock Work (Jan 28th, 2008)
In the last week I've done a couple different shoots with models to build up my stock photography portfolio. Both shoots worked out great and I got another 54 images to add to my portfolio. They may not all get excepted ... but stranger things have happened.
beautiful woman blonde telephone receiver office secretary
beautiful woman redhead pen file folders office secretary
Glassin' the Tub (Jan 23rd, 2008)
A friend and I began our adventure into building a bathtub vessel for the Nanaimo World Championship Bathtub Race this summer. We're lucky enough to have found someone to lend us their mold for the first step and may even have a mold for the hull itself. Here's a shot of my buddy brushing some polyester fiberglass resin onto a layer of polyester fiberglass cloth.
fiberglass bathtub race polyester fiberglass resin
New Years Isle-style (Jan 2nd, 2008)
This year, the girls and I joined our musical friends and their families for a full-on shindig at the prestigious Hotel Lasqueti on Lasqueti Island. Shane Philip, Corwin Fox & Rhy MacMillan were only some of the talent featured during the fun-filled evening.
rhy macmillan lasqueti island guitar music
shane philip lasqueti island guitar music didgeridoo

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