Thoughts for Jan, 2005
Last Updated: Jan 6th, 2011
You know it's winter when .... (Jan 13th, 2005)
... you can't walk down your alley without slipping on the ice and falling on your ass.

Yup, it's chilly here too. It surprises me when it happens although I'm sure it happens every year. Snow, cold, ice .. we get a couple weeks of it at least. Looks like it might get down to -10C tonight. Maybe.
You know it's winter when ....
Lathe Setup (Jan 6th, 2005)
A couple days ago I received a car CD player box in the mail that weighed 30 lbs. - I knew right away what it's content were. I had been waiting for the second box of stuff from Texas so I could assemble the Craftsman metal lathe from 40's I had bought from a fellow down there.

So there it is. Now I have to figure out how to use it.
Lathe Setup
Fantastic Start to a New Year (Jan 2nd, 2005)
Last night I was on Gabriola Island for a wickedly fun New Years bash with my friends the fire dancers and another group of people who were all completely new to me. I had a great time and made some new friends and got some sweet ass photos.

I've been using a special tool for fertilizing the tomato flowers in my hydro system and I'm having great results. Today I plucked half a dozen wilting petals from their fertilized receptacles (translation : more fruit is on the way).
Fantastic Start to a New Year

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