Thoughts for Feb, 2005
Last Updated: Jan 6th, 2011
Love Birds by the Sea (Feb 26th, 2005)
Working all week in an office seems to be propelling me to want to spend my weekends getting as fucked up as I can. Last night was really quite fun though, met some new people and can actually remember their names.

Today I went for a walk out at a local oceanside park and snapped this image.
Love Birds by the Sea
Adventureful Weekend (Feb 21st, 2005)
This weekend felt like a couple more days than it actually was. Friday night I had a great time with friends, experienced some wicked music and restored some positivity to a significant relationship of my past.

Saturday morning I was in the water just north of Nanaimo seeking photo opportunities with a couple friends. Found lots of tube anenomes, plumose anenomes, jellyfish, small fish, prawns and a cool looking crab whose species I can't recall. It was a fantastic dive, the visibility was remarkable.

Last night I went to a few movies with a friend in town at the World Community Film Festival and then got invited to head over to another island for a party .. which turned out the be wicked fun. I didn't get home until 7am (the first ferry) and the photo on the right is the scene at 6:30am, waiting for the boat.
Adventureful Weekend
Adventureful Weekend
New Office (Feb 13th, 2005)
This week I moved into the new office for Webacom along with the other guys on the production crew. It's the first time in the history of the company that so many people are working under one roof making the magic happen. It's exciting for all of us and so far it's working out great. It's in a very prominent location in Nanaimo on Bowen Road, near where it meets the old island highway.
New Office
Wickedly Wild West Coast (Feb 4th, 2005)
Last weekend I went to Sombrio Beach again for a camping/hiking mission with Malaspina. We had an awesome time. Hiked along a completely different part of the Juan de Fuca trail this time too. Lots of big waves, surfers, laughs and bits of rain.

This weekend I'm in Campbell River, trying out a Digital SLR and enjoying my friend's band playing a gig.
Wickedly Wild West Coast

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