Thoughts for Dec, 2008
Last Updated: Jan 6th, 2011
Mechamo Crab (Dec 30th, 2008)
This little creepy crawly was 50+ parts of pure mechanical fun. Ocean discovered Lego at a birthday party in the summer and I've known ever since that something like this would be a hit. I wonder how many of the worlds daughters miss out on the building kits in their upbringing.
mechamo crab robot kit robotics laser cut
Cat in a Box (Dec 15th, 2008)
Since the summer, our little kitten has grown from a little fluff ball to a ... well ... much larger fluff ball. This is Pebbles with one of her favorite toys (and probably one of the most popular toys of all time) the cardboard box. Endless hours of entertainment to be had, after you remove the contents.
kitten box cardboard play cat
Slowed Down (Dec 15th, 2008)
Seems like an eternity since I went for a walk in the woods with Nikon in hand. This afternoon, while the sun shone on the fresh snow, I had motivation enough to sling landscape kit over my shoulder, boots onto my feet, and venture out into the bright sub-zero. This is one of the slow shutter shots from my afternoon mission.
creek timelapse slow shutter photo tripod blur

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ocean willow family shot

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