Thoughts for Dec, 2005
Last Updated: Jan 6th, 2011
Frosty day at the lake (Dec 18th, 2005)
Sunday's can be great days to spend time doing things you'd like to do ... as slow as possible. Personally, I like to sleep in until there's only a couple hours of day left and then spend them outdoors before making some great dinner and retiring to my PC to finish off the day being productive.

Kind of a strange spot for a picnic isn't it? It'll become even stranger when the table rests at the bottom of the lake after the ice melts.
Frosty day at the lake
The looming wreath (Dec 18th, 2005)
It's a week away now. You know what I'm talking about. That time of year some fear, some revere and some just wait patiently for it and all it's shananigans to pass. I can't say I'm a huge fan but it's nice to see family I don't see often and always great to catch the look on someone's face when they unravel whatever I'd chosen to create for them this year.

Made a trip up to Qualicum Beach with a good friend today. On these short near-solstice days it's easy to miss the sun, especially on weekends when sleep eludes me far less. The end of the daylight today caught some pompass grass near where I was. A great golden foreground to an otherwise muted environment.
The looming wreath
When frost turns to drops (Dec 4th, 2005)
Had another photo exhibition opening this weekend. This one, called 'Nature's Small Wonders' featured a lot of my macro work with plants, animals and fungi (all equally represented).

Today, before I got to work on some finishing touches to the hottub restoration project at my place, I took some time to try to capture some water drops that had materialized there from the previous nights frost. Worked out ok, here's a pic.

It's getting super cold at night these days. It's not the frigid temps that really get to me though, it's the super short days. Oh well, just two weeks until the solstice, then we'll be back on the 'days getting longer' stretch. Brrrrr.
When frost turns to drops

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