Thoughts for Dec, 2004
Last Updated: Jan 6th, 2011
A Walk in the Woods (Dec 28th, 2004)
Today I went for a hike through the enchanted magical forest that is the Cable Bay Trail. The fog added quite an intriguing effect to the afternoon hike and I got some great photos as a result.

I haven't written here in a while, since the whole Christmas fiasco anyway. It's now nearing the end of 2004 and I've had my fill of food, company and sweets. I'm actually kind of looking forward to filling my days with work again ... I never really work that hard anyway.

My Christmas was pretty good this year though. I spent time with my extended family who I only see every two years and demonstrated my honed photography skills. I spent time with two old friends who were in town from Calgary and I got to talk with my sister who lives in Vancouver, which was really nice. Add to that list that I got some new tools, a wicked poem and a tibetan singing bowl and it looks like a pretty sweet package.
A Walk in the Woods
A Walk in the Woods
New Cards & New Flowers (Dec 16th, 2004)
I got some new cards that I designed printed up this week. I'm really happy with the design. Not as happy with the trimming job. Oh well, I have a cutter that cut touch them up. Apparently I'm really challenging the colour copier that printed them. Looks good though. They are double sided and square. The image on the right shows both sides.

2 days ago I switched the tomato tower prototype from 18hr synthetic days to 12hr synthetic days. Within that time span it has sprung up over 25 flowers. That's some quick response time. I guess the drastic change causes a rapid shift in the 'mode' the plant is operating in. I can expext nice sized fruitbodies my new years for sure.
New Cards & New Flowers
Saturday Diving (Dec 12th, 2004)
This time I remembered my mask and my camera but there was still an obstacle - the visibility under water was the worst I've ever seen. It's due to the wind, which causes waves which really stirs up the bottom. Still had a pretty cool dive, but didn't get any really good photos.

I've attached the two that I did get though. One is a tube anenome that is found all over the place on the bottom where we were and the other is a photo of my dive buddy for the trip, Jim.

On another topic : I bought a metal lathe yesterday. It's a beauty. It was made in the 40's by Dunlap for Sears and bears the Craftsman name. Here's the link to some photos of the item : click here. If anyone is interested, here's some historical information.
Saturday Diving
Saturday Diving
Second Look (Dec 9th, 2004)
Sometimes I come home from a photo mission and don't really like any of the photos I took. I'm getting more and more picky as time goes on. Today I looked through my photos from last Sunday and decided one of them was good enough for me to put online.

I've been given another chance to get some underwater shots. I'm going out again on Saturday and this time - I WILL BRING MY MASK ... and if I don't, I will spank myself.
Second Look
Damnit ... forgot my mask again (Dec 5th, 2004)
Went to go for a dive today. Ended up wading in the shallow though, forgot my perscription mask again. The good news is I spent time using my camera in its housing with thick neoprene gloves on in the frigid water. Hard work. I'm up to it though. Can't wait to actually get all the way under. The visibility is fantastic.
Damnit ... forgot my mask again

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