Thoughts for Apr, 2005
Last Updated: Jan 6th, 2011
Multi-use Mini-Garage (Apr 24th, 2005)
I've had such a great weekend. It's the end of April and the weather is like I haven't seen in 7 months. Twice this weekend I got in a game of disc golf with a good friend. I'm getting better every time. Next sports-like interest to develop : rollerblading.

Last night I went to a wickedly fun 80's party at a friend's house. Everyone dressed up and there was some hilarious outfits, mullet wigs, indecent exposure and lots of other kinds of insanity. Look at this lucky guy!

This evening I set myself to the task of clearing out an area of the concrete patio at my place in preparation for the multi-use storage shed and spent time building the structure of the shed itself. It's going to house my bikes, the new cordless lawnmower and miscellaneous other outdoor/garden stuff.

Multi-use Mini-Garage
Multi-use Mini-Garage
Rainy Day (Apr 10th, 2005)
Today is rainy, yes it's true. There's something about rain on Sunday that in some ways, seems appropriate. Luckily Saturday and Sunday, although both weekend days, share little else in common.

Yesterday I got out for a nice long walk with Raya to Morell Nature Sanctuary. It's great to be immersed in a natural world that is just coming alive again. Lots of small bushes blossoming all around me as I walked. The photo today, is one such example.
Rainy Day
A busy month (Apr 8th, 2005)
I just noticed that the thoughts area of my site was empty so I thought I'd add one. No photo though ... unfortunately.

It's been a stressful week at work. People are feeling ill, web hosting providers are turning out to be crackheads, clients are pushing and we're tempted to shove back. Lots of progress still though. Every day I slog through it all and create functional web sites and applications.

I got some new studio gear today. A couple light stands, another umbrella and another flash bracket. Coupled with the Nikon D70 that will be coming my way in the next few weeks I'll have a powerful yet portable photography studio.

The site I had been working on for the last couple months with a team from Duncan has finally gone live. Check it out at : These guys are doing great things for the environment and they've only just begun.

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