CNC Machine
Last Updated: 2009-01-09
X2 CNC Conversion (Jan 9th, 2009)
In a continuous attempt to have CNC capabilities at hand, I've now reserved myself to the idea of retrofitting an existing high-precision devise instead of developing one from scratch. All of the components I've previously machined or purchased are still sitting unassembled, and the photo below is the latest addition. What I now plan is to modify a Sieg X2 Milling Machine with a CNC kit from CNCFusion. I've invested heavily in tooling and this conversion kit and once I've finished building the CNC workbench, I'll purchase the 150lb. machine and proceed with the conversion.
X2 CNC Conversion
Electronics Mayhem (Jul 16th, 2007)
It's probably been a month now since I got all the electronics to power my CNC project. In that time, during my leisure, I've been learning how they interconnect, what kind of connectors can simplify such interconnection and the sheer cost of the crimpers and connectors for such an undertaking. It's pretty much done now though. Just need a couple more little tiny parts and I'll be able to hook it all together. Now I need to sort out my old PC and hopefully it's not too much work to get it rockin' again.
Electronics Mayhem
Next Gen CNC Plan (May 29th, 2007)
So I bought yet another planset for a CNC machine. I first started this project almost three years ago and only now have I got off the starting line on the design I will be finishing.

I have a Xylotex cnc motor kit on the way. Comes with the stepper motors, controller card & power supply.

Tonight I precisely cut the first 47 parts that will make-up the machine. It's constructed almost entirely out of 3/4" HDPE sheet. It's really cool stuff to work with. Cuts easily with woodworking saws.
Next Gen CNC Plan
Mask-o-matic (Nov 5th, 2006)
If there's anything that stays the same in my world, it's that things are always changing.

This is the new transmogrification of my CNC idea. The plans are out, Ben's original design is in. Given my new found love of all things steel, I'm going to build it from such. Angle, channel, shafting, leadscrews and the motors and electronics will be from Stepperworld. They've got some thrifty little kits available.

Tonight was the first time I got this new plan into 3D. It's been on napkins for months.
The Plans have Arrived (Mar 27th, 2005)
It's been almost a year on the brain now for my CNC contraption but I've finally decided on a machine to build and plan to do so in the next year. The pieces will be acquired bit by bit and eventually, I'll have a completed machine.

My dad and I are both building one each, I wonder who will finish first ... LOL
The Plans have Arrived
Introduction (Sep 11th, 2004)
I've been thinking about building a CNC machine since April of this year and the design has been evolving in my head ever since. The basic idea is to build a mechanical 3-axis "router-mover" and automate it with stepper motors and a bit of circuitry hooked up to a PC.

So far, I've acquired the ball bearing bushings for the different shafts for the 3 axes and done tons of research. The next step is to come up with a solid design and maybe even cast some of the parts out of aluminum ... wouldn't that be cool. If I don't cast my own parts I'll probably build them from aluminum flat bar. I know for sure I want to use some of the precision ground shafting they have at my local Metal Supermarkets.

The design in my head is very similar to the machine in development featured on this page :